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Brian Bushe (
07 Sep 1995 09:21:54 +0100

In <9508068104.AA810414380@SCCCGATE.SEACCC.SCCD.CTC.EDU>, wrote:
> there!) TO WIT: I build mostly WWII aircraft. I really
enjoy > the WWI stuff and built one this year, but most of my
> experience has been of aircraft from the 1939-45 conflict
> rather than the Great War. A traitor in your midst... a P-38
> in Spad's clothing... Need another analogy, can't find it.
> Oh well..... :-)
> --Stephen Tontoni


there is only a small amount of shame in what you say...

when i joined (early on i might add) i had just purchased the Eduard
eiii - my first wwi kit since the airfix brisfit years ago. I'm
pleased to say this list (along with the colourful eduard releases)
has really inspired a guenuine interest in the topic, and i was
pleased to contribute the sopwith pup review recently without going
down in flames. having seen the photos and articles by members of this
list i certainly appreciate their comments and knowledge.

BTW i was working on a p38 last....1/48th of course, the scale of
kings (thank you Mick).


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