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Matt Bittner (meba@cso.com)
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Not sure if anyone remembers this, but when I first "saw the light"
and subscribed to this list, I mentioned that I wanted to send the
info to as many magazines as possible, with FSM and MMP at the
forefront (since they have email addresses). I did manage to get
both of these out, but lost faith when none of the publications

Well, I just got a return message from Bob Haydn, of FSM. He
apologized for the late return, and went on to explain a few things.
Here is a snippet, of what I consider the more "important" material:

"I've been to the WWI web site, and enjoyed it thoroughly. I plan to
list it, and other sites, in a story on modeling in cyberspace in the
March 1996 issue. We've been holding off on dealing with the Net in
the magazine in hopes that more modelers would sign on, but the time
seems to be now for an introductory article."

So, in time, we will be listed in FSM.

I also recommend emailing Bob and telling him of the great job he's
doing. Sure, it's been only recently that they've picked up on WW1,
but at least it's a start. One thing he did mention, though, is that
when he gets complaints about not enough of X, he then tells the
people, basically, where's your article? A great response. I think
I'll email him back, asking for publishing guidelines. I'm thinking
of a few articles that would be great for FSM (Steve's article on
correcting the Revell Dr.I comes to mind. What do you think, Steve?)

His address is: rhayden@kalmbach.com (Bob Hayden). Email him, and
let him know what you think.

An aside: is it just me (since I'm a Windows programmer), or does
everybody have problems with typing "Windows" when you want to type


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