Re: MCF Orders received

Thayer Syme (
7 Sep 1995 15:06:03 -0800

Reply to: RE>MCF Orders received
Date: 9/7/95 2:34 PM
I think that some of the people who have ordered stuff from my sale have not
yet sent their money because they are not sure if I'm really sending the stuff
If the fellows who have received my packages would reply as such on the
public list I will thank you in advance. Mike
To those a bit concerned about MC Franklin ability to deliver as promised,

I for one have ordered about $300 worth of goodies from Mike and have had no
troubles whatsoever. I did request that he send them UPS COD but that was more
for the accelerated shipping than the security issues. Everything arrived on
time, and exceeded my expectations for quality and content. We have had
numerous e-mail exchanges off the list and as much as one can with ascii text, I
find him to be an upstanding and honest member of our community.

As an expression of *his* trust, he has recently loaned me a book valued at over
$100. The only request was that I not hold it for more than a month. Seems to
me that would be a pretty unlikely move for someone intending to weasel us out
of our funds.

And Mike, if the Bruce or SE-5a volumes I wanted are still waiting for funds,
feel free to send them my way. My bills are still green.

Thayer Syme
San Francisco