Re: Modeling in Cyberspace...

Jesse Thorn (
Thu, 7 Sep 1995 20:20:23 -0400 (EDT)

On Wed, 6 Sep 1995, Randy J Ray wrote:

> I just wrote, offering to provide him with some history of the newsgroups.
> Yes, plural. Jesse (and others, I'm sure) will remember the failed first
> attempt at creating a group in 1990, which led to me forging a newgroup
> message for alt.models, until we got a large enough readership to pass a
> vote on rec.models.scale in 1992. If I can't ever finish a model, at least
> I can help contribute to the hobby in other ways...

Yes, it was a tough battle but Randy persevered and should be given
credit for his pioneering efforts to bring modeling to the Net.

I remember that the first CFV resulted in a failed effort to create
rec.models.scale. This was surprising in light of the traffic in scale
model related posts and that fact that even MORE esoteric groups (like
comp.os.parcheesi and soc.culture.venusian) were given the green light by
the Net Community. My guess is that people thoughty we were about _fashion
models_ and the Politically Correct Net Monitors nixed the group. Only
speculation, mind you, but as good a reason as any.

None-the-less, Randy forged ahead, created alt.models, and when the time
was right, orchestrated another CFV for rec.models.scale. This time it
passed. Thanks again to Randy J.

Time to sharpen a few virtual #11 blades.