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> For the original poster: I'm in constant contact with Greg Van
> Wyngarden, the author of "von Rochtofen's..." I could ask him his
> opinion (which I hold in high regard) of the colors of this
> particular aircraft.

For both of us, please.

> Here's what I've got so far: Kraut, from Jasta 4. There's a picture
> of the 'plane in "v.R's".

Which plane? There appear to be two in question. The one in the
Winsock DVII special? If the fact that it's Kraut's is based on the RK
monogam on the fuselage, I'd regard that as a bit tenuous. Could be,
but Kraut is not an uncommon name.

How about the rest?


First name?

Richard? My references to Jasta 4 only say "Lt. Kraut", and I
can't find a Kraut, let alone a Richard Kraut in any of my lists; I have
a photo of pilots of Jasta 4, including a "Lt. Kraut", but that's it.

What is
> the page/plate number of the picture?

The one in the Windsock Special id the frontispiece. The other,
with the black/white cross/shield, appears in a few publications, at least
three, but I only have photocopies; it appears in [spurious] colour
in the DVII spread in the latest SAM, p. 12[?], from memory.

Anything else you might think
> could help. Once I receive the info, I'll call Greg, and write down
> anything he might have to say.

That would hopefully be very helpful.



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