Re: Modeling in Cyberspace...

Randy J Ray (
Fri, 8 Sep 1995 10:58:25 -0600 (MDT)

>I remember that the first CFV resulted in a failed effort to create
>rec.models.scale. This was surprising in light of the traffic in scale
>model related posts and that fact that even MORE esoteric groups (like
>comp.os.parcheesi and soc.culture.venusian) were given the green light by
>the Net Community. My guess is that people thoughty we were about _fashion
>models_ and the Politically Correct Net Monitors nixed the group. Only
>speculation, mind you, but as good a reason as any.

Small correction (only because I have been going over this a lot lately, for
when Hayden gets back to me):

The first CFV was for rec.models, not rec.models.scale. That caused a lot
of confusion, and as Jesse pointed out, people thought we were referring to
Supermodels. In fact, while alt.models was the place to be, we got requests
for GIFs of Cindy Crawford and Rachel Hunter on a pretty much weekly basis.
And to be completely honest, I didn't quite understand the process of proposing
and calling votes on a new group, and messed a few things up, which caused more
of the net.cabal to oppose the group. While I waited for enough readers for a
second try, I also read up on proper nettiquette.


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