ITS A BOY!!! (plus some related WWI modeling content :)

Boeke Joseph R (
Fri, 8 Sep 1995 14:04:43 -0400 (EDT)

My wife (and I) had a baby boy (8lbs 5oz, 21") last Friday night. His
name is Theodore William (we'll call him Tucker). Hopefully, he won't
grow up to be an ex-army helicopter pilot like his dad ;). I have been
getting very little sleep (which means very little modeling), but I am
enjoying myself any ways :)

On to the hobby portion of our program...

I just picked up two (one for me, one for my son) Keil Kraft 1/72nd Sopwith
Camels (at a pretty good price). My question is, how does this kit
compare to the Revell model (which I have built several times). My
suspicion is that it will need some extensive fixes, but I haven't taken
it out of the plastic wrap yet.

I would like to model a navalized Camel. Matt (or someone else who
knows) does the datafile have any info on the naval Camels used by the RNAS?

Also, I am about 1/4 finished with my son's "rocking horse" airplane (all
of the wood is cut. I said, the last time I mentioned this, that I
wanted to use the HB W.19 for inspiration on this project (of course I
meant the HB W.12). So far the wings and fuselage look okay, but the
floats are too far forward to be used as effective rockers (although I
have a fix in mind for that).

I was curious what the "large" scale & RC modelers used to paint Naval
Lozenge? Is there a pattern somewhere? Does someone make a large scale
lozenge decal?

Oh well, I have to get some work done today...

Please light a virtual cigar in honor of my son.

- Joe