Re: Orders received

mark (
Fri, 8 Sep 1995 13:18:31 -0700

On 09/07/95, MC Franklin wrote:

>I think that some of the people who have ordered stuff from my sale have not
>sent their money because they are not sure if I'm really sending the stuff
>If the fellows who have received my packages would reply as such on the
>list I will thank you in advance. Mike
>Well, I'd just like everyone to know that I too have purchased items from
Mike, and am quite happy with the results. The kits were well packed with
plenty of "shrimp", and certainly met or exceeded my expectations. The
prices are <<<definitely>>> right (especially $15 for DML and Eduard kits!).
UPS dropped the box off on my porch less than two days after Mike shipped it
out, and all were in great shape. One of the kits was a vac DVIII; I've
never built vac before, and Mike has been very helpful with giving me advice
on how to proceed. In short...BUY FROM THIS MAN!!! You can't go wrong...

Mark R.