Re: ITS A BOY!!! (plus some related WWI modeling content :)

Bill Shatzer (
Fri, 8 Sep 1995 21:15:41 -0700

>I just picked up two (one for me, one for my son) Keil Kraft 1/72nd Sopwith
>Camels (at a pretty good price). My question is, how does this kit
>compare to the Revell model (which I have built several times). My
>suspicion is that it will need some extensive fixes, but I haven't taken
>it out of the plastic wrap yet.

Well, the Keil Kraft's were not the *worst* Camel kits ever produced
(that honor probably belongs to that horrible small scale Addar
attempt that came with the fake battlefield and the teeny-tiny
Renault tanks!) But the kit is a *long* way from the claim on their
packaging of 'Prefection in Miniature'! Its accuracy is dubious,
its fit is poor and the wing ribs! On the other hand,
it does give you an engine separate from the cowling and it is, I
think, the only 72nd kit with this feature. But, if you really
need a separate engine, purchasing an Aeroclub Le Rhone or
Clerget for use on the Revell kit would involve less frustration.

Congratulations on your new son! The virtual cigar has been lit!
Do your boy a favor - build *both* of the Kiel Kraft kits
yourself and spare him the frustration. Being a good parent
requires no less! Actually, I think giving a young child a
Keil Kraft kit has been ruled 'endangering the welfare of
a minor' in at least 3 jurisdictions. The Addar kit is,
of course, conclusive evidence of child abuse! :-)


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