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Sat, 9 Sep 95 22:38:26 -0500

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> Bravo!! welcome a new member to the modeling realm. This seems to be the
> season
> of the sons. My sister had a boy in mid June, a good friend had a boy last
> week, another friend is expecting a boy in a week or two. My question is,
> who
> will these boys be dating in a few years?

Well, I'll tell ya. They'd better not be dating <<my>> daughter! (16.5 months
old) She won't be dating anyway until she finishes that R-Class Zeppelin in
1/72nd. I figure that way she's safe until she's 35! Of course, maybe she'll
build faster than her dad...

Congratulations and happy modeling to all!
John Roll

> I really like the idea of the HB rocking plane. Might have to do one myself
> for
> the little neph.
> Thayer Syme
> San Francisco