it's ALL for sale, books cont.
Sun, 10 Sep 1995 03:32:54 -0400

Hello all. The sale list of hard cover books on non ww-1 aviation subjects
is now available.
Those of you who requested my list of non ww-1 kits have been sent this list.
else who would like to look at this list, please e-mail,
and request
The sale is moving along nicely, lots of the stuff has found new homes.
Anyone who wants can e-mail me for an updated list of what's left.
There are still two lists to come. Magazines and periodicals, and Soft cover
aviation books. Stay tuned for latest developments. Remember, it's ALL for
Several of my customers have worked out a way to direct deposit their
paychecks into my account, thus saving much hassle. Most payment plans can
be worked out.

Thank you, Mike