Re: ITS A BOY!!!

Martin Lawder (mala1231@sulu.fb12.TU-Berlin.DE)
Mon, 11 Sep 1995 10:19:17 +22300819 (DFT)

> My wife (and I) had a baby boy (8lbs 5oz, 21") last Friday night. His
> name is Theodore William (we'll call him Tucker). Hopefully, he won't
> grow up to be an ex-army helicopter pilot like his dad ;). I have been
> getting very little sleep (which means very little modeling), but I am
> enjoying myself any ways :)
> On to the hobby portion of our program...
> Oh well, I have to get some work done today...
> Please light a virtual cigar in honor of my son.
> - Joe

Congratulations to you and your wife, and don't worry, when may daughter was
about two years old I started to get more sleep nights, until my son was
born , so I'm back to bags under my eyes again 8-)
But since the kids are there I've had a lot more time for modelling,
no more just going round the corner to the pub anymore.