RE: Sopwith Camel book
12 Sep 95 12:38:00 EDT

Howdy folks,

>On 11 Sep 95 at 13:20, C.P. Hart muttered:
> "Sopwith Camel:King of Combat" is by Chaz Boyer. Published
> the last 8 (?) years in the U.K. Is this still in print ?? I didn't
> it in my Zenith Avbooks catalog.

and Matt added:
>I purchased my copy from Zenith, about 3 years ago. I too haven't
>seen it lately, but check out the other book stores, such as Articles
>of War. They might have it.

Sadly (since I tried to buy it 2 or 3 months back), the book is out of
print. My favourite bookshop checked their paper, CD-ROM and online
catalogues/Books in Print and assure me it is no longer available.

This is of course not quite the same thing as saying no store has a copy
- Good luck, and if you see TWO copies let me know