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Tue, 12 Sep 1995 07:21:20 -0500

On 12 Sep 95 at 12:38, muttered:

> Howdy folks,

How-DEEE! (Oops, sorry, but my Minnie Pearl just got the best of

> Sadly (since I tried to buy it 2 or 3 months back), the book is out of
> print. My favourite bookshop checked their paper, CD-ROM and online
> catalogues/Books in Print and assure me it is no longer available.
> This is of course not quite the same thing as saying no store has a copy
> - Good luck, and if you see TWO copies let me know

I would, then, check some of the "used" book stores. Maybe Articles
of War, or better yet - hmm, come one memory, let's go! - Quinlan and
Sons? No, I don't think that's right. Anyway, they're a used
military book store out of NY, I think. Gads, I can remember my
wife's name, but I can't remember this store. Hmm... Maybe that's
survival instinct kicking in...

Oh yea, another rub. I also picked up from Zenith - at about the
same time - a book by Chaz Boyer again, on the Handley Page bombers.
Wonderful book, and a must have for those Airfix kits. Gads, I wish
Airfix would re-release those. They also need to re-release the
1/72nd/1/76th Mk. IV tank. Either that, or some new company come out
with "better" ones. Anybody pick up the JMGT resin WW1 tank (can't
remember the type)? I for one would enjoy a new mold of the Germa
A7V... Hey, at least it's WW1, and the Master's Scale - as opposed
to the Scale of Kink's - (quick, hand me my fire-suit...).


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