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Matt Bittner (
Tue, 12 Sep 1995 07:44:45 -0500

The Roland is proceeding. I can't believe how nice this kit is, and
how lacking it is in the cockpit are. If you're not a completist,
you could get away with just sticking in the included floor board,
and be done with it. However, the D.II had such a unique interior
that it would be a shame. The only part of the included floor I used
was to hold up the partial Mercedes that it comes with. The rest is
entirely scratchbuilt, with a Tom's Modelworks throttle, control
column head, and rudder bars. I've also included the buts of two
XtraParts Spandaus, since you _might_ be able to see these when
looking towards the front of the plane inside the cockpit.

When I put the upper wing on the Datafile plan, I noticed that the
tips are 1mm short on both ends. Not a show stopper, especially
since you would have to add the "extra" in wierd places in order to
maintain the rib positions. I've cut out the ailerons, and am
getting ready to put the "hinges" in the wing, and make the "cut
outs" for them in the ailerons. The ailerons and the rudder are the
only pieces I'm re-positioning. The reason is that I would lose
plenty of detail if I was to cut out the stab's. That, and a hint of

I've decided on an interesting - but at the same time boring -
scheme. Some D.II's were delivered in the light blue-gray found on
C.II's. However, the upper wings/horizontal tail surfaces were still
sprayed the brown/green camoflage. The boring comes in with the
markings. We're talking Balkenkreuz ONLY. No personal markings, and
- unless I can find some - no LFG Roland "insignia". As I said,
interesing with the light blue-gray against the camoflage, but boring
with no personal insigina. Ah well, at least it will make
airbrushing a little easier...

So, who's going to build the Pegasus Phoenix D.I? I've got schemes
in mind, but no kit yet. I _might_ have to build the two Airframe
kits I have of the D.I first...

I talked to Rosemont yesterday, and nothing's new. They have the
Morane L and Albatros C.III in, but that's about all. He was talking
about Plum Blossom, and I wanted to remind everyone that the next kit
from them will be a "correct" Bristol F2.b. Unfortunately (for some
- explanation later) Plum Blossom is still talking about releasing a
resin Friedrichshafen G some time next yeat. It's fortunate for the
fact that - if it's anything like the Lloyd - it will be a beautiful
kit. It's unfortunate, because the _guess_ is that the kit will be
in the $60-$70 range. Sorry, but I made my _mistake_ with the
Meikraft Caproni. Boy, was SWMBO pissed off about that one! And
looking on it further, it will be a LONG time before I get to that
one! :-)

So, a bit off topic here, but anybody notice that Hasegawa released
the type 24 (?) of the I-16? I'm going to have to find some
reference for the I-16 now, and find out which _type_ served in the
Spanish Civil War. Note the scale: ___ 1/72nd ___!!! (Gads, I'm
looking for it now, ain't I?) And for those who _must_ venture into
that "other" war, Hasegawa also _finally_ released a decent Dauntless
in 1/72nd.

I sure wish more companies - Hasegawa included - would venture into
the Great War. Unfortunately, no word from DML when they plan on
releasing the Camel.

Whew! I'm going to have to find more work to do, so I stop writing
so much to this list...


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