Re: Some random thoughts...

Joseph R. Boeke (
Tue, 12 Sep 1995 09:45:06 -0400

At 07:44 AM 9/12/95 -0500, "Matt Bittner" <> wrote:

>I talked to Rosemont yesterday, and nothing's new.

BUT... I visited with Barry on Saturday (my wife and kids went down to
Philadelphia to see Grandma & Grandpa), and he told me that he will have his
"manufacturing" operation up and running very soon (they have moved all of
the equipment into the new shop, and have received the go ahead from the

BTW, the new shop is really great, it is big and bright and in a brand
spankin' new mini-mall, it is much closer to the interstate, and Barry said
that he believes that his "in-shop" business is doing better (but he still
couldn't get by with out his mail-order customers :)

I also saw him packaging up a couple of orders to be sent to Belgium, so if
you are expecting your order, it should arrive soon...

>Plum Blossom is still talking about releasing a resin Friedrichshafen G
some >time next yeat.

Alright!!! He didn't mention that to me. So, I won't be eating lunch for
the next few weeks (that is how I augment my hobby budget :)

>Whew! I'm going to have to find more work to do, so I stop writing
>so much to this list...

Ha!!! Please don't go looking for work, it will find you ;)


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