Re: Spad XII 1/72?

C.P. Hart (
Tue, 12 Sep 1995 09:05:05 +0000

>On 11 Sep 95 at 22:12, Bill McHarg muttered:
>> Does anyone know if a 1/72nd kit is available of the Spad XII?
Afterwhich Matt muttered:
>Not sure, but did Rosemont do a vac of this? I know they did the
>A.2/A.4, but I'm not sure about the 12. Other manufacturers that
>spring to mind: Formaplane; Classic Plane; Libramodels. As far as
>recently, I don't think there are any "new" releases of the 12.
>Hmm... Might have to ask Barry later...

Apart from the A.2/A.4 Formaplane kit, SPADs, apart from familiar
VIIs and XIIIs are pretty underrepresented in publications and certainly in
models from the cottage manufacturers. All part of the problem that
information on WW I French aircraft is dammed hard to find. It strikes me
as ironic that the acknowledged "expert" on French aircraft, J. Bruce, is
an Englishman.