Some Roland thoughts...

C.P. Hart (
Tue, 12 Sep 1995 09:18:53 +0000

on 12 Sept. Matt typed:
>I've decided on an interesting - but at the same time boring -
>scheme. Some D.II's were delivered in the light blue-gray found on
>C.II's. However, the upper wings/horizontal tail surfaces were still
>sprayed the brown/green camoflage. The boring comes in with the
>markings. We're talking Balkenkreuz ONLY. No personal markings, and
>- unless I can find some - no LFG Roland "insignia". As I said,
>interesing with the light blue-gray against the camoflage, but boring
>with no personal insigina. Ah well, at least it will make
>airbrushing a little easier...
I have to agree that the Roland is a very nice kit. Pegasus is doing
some very good work right now. My disappointment with the Roland was with
the decals. While they are well printed, they are the wrong proportions
for crosses seen on the majority of Roland D-II a/c. Roland had this
tendancy to apply Eiserne Kreuze that were thicker in proportions in the
center of the cross. They are very distinctive. The only decal available
that captures the look of this is a sheet from Americal/Gryphon, Sheet #53
I believe.

>So, who's going to build the Pegasus Phoenix D.I? I've got schemes
>in mind, but no kit yet. I _might_ have to build the two Airframe
>kits I have of the D.I first...
My Pegasus Phoenix arrived in the mail a day or so ago. Very
beautiful work, perhaps the best yet. The white metal is very well done.
Most interesting is that the six short exhaust stubs for the engine are
molded as separate pieces. There is even a tiny white metal anemometer for
the airspeed indicator. Decals are well done, the royal crests for the
rudder look pretty nice with their gold ink for the crowns. Again, I got
very good service by ordering direct from Pegasus, about two weeks from
time I mailed my order until the kits arrived.

> Unfortunately (for some
>- explanation later) Plum Blossom is still talking about releasing a
>resin Friedrichshafen G some time next yeat. It's fortunate for the
>fact that - if it's anything like the Lloyd - it will be a beautiful
>kit. It's unfortunate, because the _guess_ is that the kit will be
>in the $60-$70 range. Sorry, but I made my _mistake_ with the
>Meikraft Caproni. Boy, was SWMBO pissed off about that one! And
>looking on it further, it will be a LONG time before I get to that
>one! :-)
The work involved in just making the bits for a kit like this is
substantial. You can't blame someone for trying to make a living at this
when it takes so much work. But then scratchbuilding the thing would
probably cost as much.