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Matt Bittner (
Tue, 12 Sep 1995 10:36:27 -0500

On 12 Sep 95 at 9:18, C.P. Hart muttered:

> I have to agree that the Roland is a very nice kit. Pegasus is doing
> some very good work right now. My disappointment with the Roland was with
> the decals. While they are well printed, they are the wrong proportions
> for crosses seen on the majority of Roland D-II a/c. Roland had this
> tendancy to apply Eiserne Kreuze that were thicker in proportions in the
> center of the cross. They are very distinctive. The only decal available
> that captures the look of this is a sheet from Americal/Gryphon, Sheet #53
> I believe.

It appears that Pegasus "decided" to provide decals for Pfalz-built
D.II's. Pfalz tended to put on "standard" 'kreuze, and the
"personal" marking(s) that come with the kit is for a Pfalz built
machine. However, if you go with the in-kit scheme, then you will
need to re-do the tail skid.

> My Pegasus Phoenix arrived in the mail a day or so ago. Very
> beautiful work, perhaps the best yet. The white metal is very well done.
> Most interesting is that the six short exhaust stubs for the engine are
> molded as separate pieces. There is even a tiny white metal anemometer for
> the airspeed indicator. Decals are well done, the royal crests for the
> rudder look pretty nice with their gold ink for the crowns. Again, I got
> very good service by ordering direct from Pegasus, about two weeks from
> time I mailed my order until the kits arrived.

Great! Can't wait to get mine.

> The work involved in just making the bits for a kit like this is
> substantial. You can't blame someone for trying to make a living at this
> when it takes so much work. But then scratchbuilding the thing would
> probably cost as much.

Agreed! I'm just in a financial pinch, so it's not an option, at
this point.


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