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Matt Bittner (
Tue, 12 Sep 1995 10:36:26 -0500

On 12 Sep 95 at 9:45, Joseph R. Boeke muttered:

> BUT... I visited with Barry on Saturday (my wife and kids went down to
> Philadelphia to see Grandma & Grandpa), and he told me that he will have his
> "manufacturing" operation up and running very soon (they have moved all of
> the equipment into the new shop, and have received the go ahead from the
> landlord).

Yes, he did mention you when I talked to him. Great guy, BTW.

> BTW, the new shop is really great, it is big and bright and in a brand
> spankin' new mini-mall, it is much closer to the interstate, and Barry said
> that he believes that his "in-shop" business is doing better (but he still
> couldn't get by with out his mail-order customers :)

That's good. He needed more "visibility".

> I also saw him packaging up a couple of orders to be sent to Belgium, so if
> you are expecting your order, it should arrive soon...
> >Plum Blossom is still talking about releasing a resin Friedrichshafen G
> some >time next yeat.
> Alright!!! He didn't mention that to me. So, I won't be eating lunch for
> the next few weeks (that is how I augment my hobby budget :)

Well, it's still speculative. It sounds like the owner of Plum
Blossom "sounds" serious when he mentions the Friedrichshafen, so I
wouldn't get too much in a tizzy. I would wait until the "official"
word comes through, and then you can save your lunch money.:-) Plum
Blossom still has to put out - if it makes it - the Bristol.

> Ha!!! Please don't go looking for work, it will find you ;)

So true. But, as long as I "look" busy, all should be okay! ;-)


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