Fokker D VIII

John Huggins (huggins@Onramp.NET)
Tue, 12 Sep 1995 02:31:53 -0600

If anyone is interested, a 1/72 scale limited production injection molded
Fokker D VIII/ E. V has appeared on the scene. It is by a company called
SIGN, from the Czech Republic.
The kit has 9 injection molded plastic parts, white metal tires, engine
and prop, and a PE fret with the struts, cockpit parts, wite wheels
radiator grills etc. The instructions are rather simple, but through enough
to get you to the end of the kit in a sane state.
Decals are provided for
1: D VIII in US mkgs, test flown at Mc Cook Field,
2: E. V 197/18 Lt S Stec, Lwowska Gp Polish AF Spring 1918,
3: E. V 153/18 Lt R Wenzl, Jasta 6 Summer 1918,
4: D VIII Royal Netherlands AF,
5: E. V 156/18 Lt T Osterkamp Cmdr Marine Jasta 2 Oct 1918, &
6: D VIII 15 Sq Polish AF.
In addition to the nat. Insig & numbers etc, there are 6 strips of upper
4 color Lozenge and 3 strips of lower 4 color Lozenge decals. The strips
are about 2,5in long. There are no rib tapes and the upper 4 colors are Med
Green, Dk Green, Brown & Purple. The lower 4 colors are Yellow, Lavender,
Dk Green and Med Green.
I got mine from Squadron Mail Order and the cost is $15.98 + postage.