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Matt Bittner (
Wed, 13 Sep 1995 07:44:16 -0500

On 12 Sep 95 at 2:31, John Huggins offered:

> If anyone is interested, a 1/72 scale limited production injection molded
> Fokker D VIII/ E. V has appeared on the scene. It is by a company called
> SIGN, from the Czech Republic.
> The kit has 9 injection molded plastic parts, white metal tires, engine
> and prop, and a PE fret with the struts, cockpit parts, wite wheels
> radiator grills etc. The instructions are rather simple, but through enough
> to get you to the end of the kit in a sane state.
> Decals are provided for
> 1: D VIII in US mkgs, test flown at Mc Cook Field,
> 2: E. V 197/18 Lt S Stec, Lwowska Gp Polish AF Spring 1918,
> 3: E. V 153/18 Lt R Wenzl, Jasta 6 Summer 1918,
> 4: D VIII Royal Netherlands AF,
> 5: E. V 156/18 Lt T Osterkamp Cmdr Marine Jasta 2 Oct 1918, &
> 6: D VIII 15 Sq Polish AF.
> In addition to the nat. Insig & numbers etc, there are 6 strips of upper
> 4 color Lozenge and 3 strips of lower 4 color Lozenge decals. The strips
> are about 2,5in long. There are no rib tapes and the upper 4 colors are Med
> Green, Dk Green, Brown & Purple. The lower 4 colors are Yellow, Lavender,
> Dk Green and Med Green.
> I got mine from Squadron Mail Order and the cost is $15.98 + postage.

Hmmm... Could this be the 1/72nd "Eduard" and/or "MPM"? The Czechs
have a weird way with coming out with kits.

For John: does the plastic look like "typical" Eduard? How does
this compare, size wise, with the Datafile? FYI: the wings on
D.VIII/E.V's were not lozenge covered. Since they were constructed
entirely of wood, they were _usually_ painted completly in Fokker's
"olive-green". I would also be suspect of the colors in the lozenge
decals. The Czech's just don't seem to "have it right". However,
nothing is as bad as the lozenge that came with the DML D.VIII...
Can anybody say halloween?


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