Eduard Siemens-Schuckert question.

Bill Shatzer (
Mon, 21 Aug 1995 11:34:35 -0700

Well, I just broke out my Eduard Siemens-Shuckert DIII kit over
the weekend and going through my usual 'pre-build' review of the
parts and instruction sheet, I noticed that Eduard shows the
lozenge fabric on the lower wing being installed span-wise rather
than chord-wise or diagonally.

I had always assumed that this was a 'no-no' and that for strength
purposes, fabric 'always' had to be installed chord-wise or diagonally
on at least the large surfaces such as wings. Unfortunately, none
of my limited supply of SS DIII photos is clear enough to determine
which way the fabric is running on the lower wing.

Anyone got better photos or further information on whether, in fact,
the fabric does go span-wise on the lower wing?

Also, Eduard shows the lower aileron fabric as being
continuous (i.e. 'the lozenges line up') with the wing fabric.
Again, I'd always understood that the ailerons were covered separately
from the wing itself and that continuity of the lozenge design
between the wing and the aileron should *not* occur (except once in
a while by chance). However, again, my photos aren't good enough
to tell - any help?

Thanks and cheers,

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