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>Remember the thread about whether or not there had ever been a
>floatplane version of the Camel. If memory serves, it was never

Hi guys. I was not getting this page when this thread was discussed, so
forgive me if I'm repeating something.

In 'Sopwith- The Man and His Aircraft' page 216 it says about the float
"Evolved from the Baby, th Camel F.S.1 floatplane is the missing link in the
chain of Camel development. The drawing, depicted on page 186 was approved
by Herbert Smith in late 1916 and such data as is available is given in the
tables." (the drawing is a 1/72 three view of a Camel with both floaqts and
wheels) " A report in April 1917 stated 'In order to procede with the
trials of the Sopwith Camel Seaplane, The first of which was wrecked in
trials, it has been decided to convert the land machine of this type, with
split fuselage, to a seaplane. Handed to Sopwith's for floats to be fitted'
Two weeks later it was decided to keep the Camel as a land machine"

So according to this one such Camel was built, tested, and wrecked.