SSW Lozenge

21 Aug 1995 16:34:16 GMT

To continue the discussion on the SSW lozenge fabric application;

Typically, SSW applied the (5 color typically) lozenge *diagonally*
(45 degrees) to their D.III & D.IV fighters. Halberstadt two seaters
(Cl.II & Cl.IV) also typically had their fabric applied diagonally

These fabric bolts were 1 meter wide (about 39 inches).

Spanwise fabric application is not as rare as one might believe - this
has been documented on many Albatros single seaters. (Though it still
is the scarcest of the three application directions).

Fokker was the primary user of the 4 color variety of lozenge fabric.
Though I doubt if they were the exclusive user.

Navel Hexagonal lozenge was also 1 meter wide and most often applied
chordwise. Early navel Hex. was painted(!). Sometimes hard to tell...
Undersides usually left natural linen, or painted that light
mauve/grey color typical of German later War marine aircraft.

Steve H.
(The Mad Norseman!)