Re: SSW Lozenge

Bill Shatzer (
Tue, 22 Aug 1995 01:19:05 -0700

> To continue the discussion on the SSW lozenge fabric application;
> Typically, SSW applied the (5 color typically) lozenge *diagonally*
> (45 degrees) to their D.III & D.IV fighters. Halberstadt two seaters
> (Cl.II & Cl.IV) also typically had their fabric applied diagonally
> too).
Oh hell - the Eduard SS DIII lozenge decals provided are definitely
the four-color (or colour) variety. I'm rapidly losing faith in
Eduard's research department! <That's Pavel Dubrovek locked
up down in the sub-basement with a collection of old Profiles
and 'Biggles' books and a video tape of 'The Great Waldo
Pepper'. :-) >

But, thanks for everyones' input on this question - 'course the
net result is I've put my Eduard SS DIII kit back on my
'to be built later' shelf. Damn these research problems - it's
enough to send me back to building airliners where
inconsistentcies and unanswered questions about colors and
markings don't continuallly gum up the works. The research
questions are fascinating but I might get more models built
if the answers were more straight forward.

Additional imput is solicted to enable me to (someday)
actually built this kit!


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