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Matt Bittner (
Tue, 22 Aug 1995 07:23:28 -0500

On 22 Aug 95 at 21:13, Mick Fauchon sprecht:

> Hi, fellas.

I think there are more than "fellas" here, correct? ;-)

> Heard a rumour that Tom's was doing injection moulds from
> resin moulds.
> True? Or did we get the sharp end down here again?

>From what I've heard, you must have gotten the sharp end. Tom's has
made resin molds (moulds?) from his old vac-form stuff. I haven't
heard about injection. For example, he has re-released the Fokker
D.VI and the Pfalz D.III(a?) as resins. They're not bad kits, but
one of the D.VI's I've seen had a "few" air holes. However, others
on the list have kits that are near "perfect".

If I got more into that grossly HUGE scale, I might get a couple
more. ;-)


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