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>'Wings-the encyclopedia of Aviation in Weekly Parts' #27 This issue has
>extensive history of Caproni, includes among other things details of the
>Caproni ww-1Bombers.
>also cut away of the tri-motor bomber and more. $4.00

I have received so many requests for this magazine that I have decided to
offer the following;

I can have made a color lazer copy of the Caproni Ca.3 Bomber cut-away
drawing and send a copy to anyone who wants one. This drawing is in color 16
1/4" wide by 9" high. The cost including postage and envelope for this mini
poster would be $3.50 in the US,
somewhat more elsewhere. This drawing is not overly technical, but is pretty
and interesting none the less. If anyone wants more of this article I can do
custom packages for 'cost'.
Those who are interested contact me at and I will get a
printing session scheduled.