RE: Color choices...
24 Aug 95 07:28:00 EDT

Hi Thayer,

You asked:
>I am working on a R/C DH Tiger Moth that will be silver all over with
>markings. I am covering it with Coverite's 21st Century fabric and
would like
>to do the same for the markings to avoid painting. Can anyone tell me
if I want
>the light or dark red and blue fabric for the roundels and stripes? I
>inclined to go with dark but I haven't seen either and don't want to
order 4
>rolls when 2 will do.

>If only they, and other covering mfg's, would make swatch books
available for
>slight fee.

The critical question is what period you are representing the Tiggie in.
Marking colours changed between the wars, exact date escapes me but it
was somewhere mid 20's to mid 30's. I do have some pretty good
references at home (and a mate who owns and flies the real thing, and
knows _everything_ about them), so if you can wait a day or two I'll post
a few paragraphs which might help.

FWIW, I'm inclined to believe you will need the dark ident colours.