Re: Lozenge notes
Wed, 23 Aug 1995 19:24:49 -0400

In a message dated 95-08-22 03:39:08 EDT, (C.P. Hart)

> I have an undated copy of an Ian Huntley "Colour Spot" column,
>published either in "Scale Models" or "Scale Aircraft Modeling" (help
>needed here for reference).

I went through my "Scale Aircraft Modeling" back issues and found 2 Huntley
columns on the subject. Neither appears to be the one referenced. The
earliest appears in Volume 1, Number 4, January 1979. It addresses the
pattern and dimensions but not the colors (colours?) of the 5 color fabric.
A second article, in Volume 15, No. 6, March 1993 goes into the colors of a
variety of samples of night camouflage fabric, with Methuen equivalents.

While I have copies of almost all of "Scale Aircraft Modeling", my index is
not as complete for "topic" articles as it is for specific aircraft types. I
might have missed a relevant article. No, I didn't go through each copy.
Thats what computers are for!.

Eli Geher