RE: Le Prieur Rocket Questions
24 Aug 95 13:50:00 EDT

Hi Jon,

There's an article by Harry Woodman on the le Prieur and other rockets in
a Windsock published in the last maybe 4 or 5 years. If you want it and
don't have the issue I'll copy the relevant pages and post them off.

Of course, someone more local may be able to get it to you more easily.

I can't recall exactly, but I believe they were electrically ignited. And
yes, they are real rockets, complete with stick fitted !

BTW, the Nieuport Specials are very nice and well worth the A$42 each I
paid. I'm currently building (in 1:48) a Nie 11 and a Nie 17, using Vol
1 as one of my references.

>Excuse the ignorance, but if I don't ask someone, I'll bust!!!

I get this feeling about some WW1 aircraft issue about every secong day.
Thank God for the Internet!


Shane Weier
Brisbane, Australia