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Bill Shatzer (
Thu, 24 Aug 1995 00:12:43 -0700

>On 22 Aug 95 at 19:06, sprecht:
>> 'The FightingTriplanes' by Evan Hadingham
>> First published in Great Britain in1968 by Hamish Hamilton Ltd.,London
>> First American edition in 1969 by MacMillan Co., New York
>> Printed in Great Britain
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>This is a wonderful book, if a little dated. I definitely would
>recommend it if you're interested in the "other" triplanes. I'm
>hoping, though, that Ray Rimell will make a Datafile on the other,
>true fighting triplane, the Pfalz Dr.I. Great book.
For folks interested in the other triplanes, I'd also suggest
the book 'Triplanes' by Peter Bowers and Ernest McDowell -
Motorbooks International, 1993. While at first glance this
publication seems overly 'slick' and not really enthusist
oriented, it actually is a fairly accurate and comprehensive
survey of almost all of the more than 200 triplanes built and
(sometimes) flown. Ever hear of the Catron and Fiske triplanes?
the Cobham Mk. I? The Sperry Amphibian? The Euler, the Bezobrazov,
the Clement,the Packard Le Pere LUSAO-11? They're all here.

Also a fascinating section on other multiplanes (quadraplanes
and up!) $19.95 US in soft cover and should be currently
available at 'better' book sellers.

ISBN is 0-87938-614-2



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