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Don Rinker (
Thu, 24 Aug 95 06:32 EDT

On Thu, 24 Aug 1995, (Bill Shatzer) wrote:

>For folks interested in the other triplanes, I'd also suggest
>the book 'Triplanes' by Peter Bowers and Ernest McDowell -
>Motorbooks International, 1993. While at first glance this
>publication seems overly 'slick' and not really enthusist
>oriented, it actually is a fairly accurate and comprehensive
>survey of almost all of the more than 200 triplanes built and
>(sometimes) flown. Ever hear of the Catron and Fiske triplanes?
>the Cobham Mk. I? The Sperry Amphibian? The Euler, the Bezobrazov,
>the Clement,the Packard Le Pere LUSAO-11? They're all here.
>Also a fascinating section on other multiplanes (quadraplanes
>and up!) $19.95 US in soft cover and should be currently
>available at 'better' book sellers.
>ISBN is 0-87938-614-2

This book is cuurently available as a SALE item from Zenith Aviation
books for 4.95 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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