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On 24 Aug 95 at 0:15, Jon Rettinger sprecht:

> I've just been reading some back issues of Windsock Datafile Specials, that
> I have recently ordered, in particular "Nieuport Fighters" - Vols. 1 & 2.

IMHO the best Specials to date...

> In Vol. 1, there are several pictures and references to Le Prieur rockets
> mounted to the interplane struts (four to each set of wings). How did these
> things
> work??
> Could some one enlighten me??
> Were they truely rocket powered if so, how they were fired?
> How were they released?
> There was some mention of switches mounted somewhere on the fuselage.
> This would indicate they were ignited electrically, if so, what was the source
> of the electricity. Where they battery operated or perhaps a generator run off
> the engine was the electical source?
> Excuse the ignorance, but if I don't ask someone, I'll bust!!!

Being attached to the interplane struts at an angle, the idea was to
"swoop down" on a balloon, fire these things off, and run like heck.
One of the problems with them that they were fired all at the same
time (I believe).

I don't know all the details, but my database shows these as
references (all great, if I remember correctly):

Windsock Vol. 10, No. 3;
Over the Front Vol. 2, No. 2;
Over the Front Vol. 4, No. 1

The best - and naturally most recent - is the Windsock article,
written by Harry Woodman, a WW1 ordinance *god*.

Sorry it's not much, but if you don't hear anything by tomorrow, I'll
try and remember the Windsock and "paraphrase".


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