Re: S.V.A. (Ansaldo) 5 in 72nd?

C.P. Hart (
Thu, 24 Aug 1995 11:28:03 +0000

>Anyone know if there is a S.V.A. 5 in 1/72nd? I would prefer an
>injection kit (wouldn't we all), but resin or vacc pointers would be
>appreciated too.

There are a couple of kits in this scale, the first that comes to mind
is the Pegasus injection moulded version. It has a very nice decal sheet
with it. The most recent Pegasus ad in Windsock v.11 #4 lists this as
being available directly from Pegasus for 4.50 pounds (about US$ 7.00).
They take charge card orders but the minimum purchase must be 10.00 pounds
( about US$ 15.50). I have had very good service with direct purchases
from Pegasus.

There are some vacforms as well. There was an old Airframe kit of the
SVA.5, but is it pretty basic. There was another English made vac form,
again basic. This was marketed by MHW but I think the molds went over to
Formaplane. I know that the one I have is the old MHW release, I think it
came with a metal prop and wheels and that was all the extras it had.

There was later a Formaplane kit of the Ansaldo Ballia M-1 (?) a
different aircraft from later in the war.

All of the above comes from memory, I accept responsibility for errors.

Charles Hart