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Don Rinker (
Thu, 24 Aug 95 17:01 EDT

On Thu, 24 Aug 1995, (Douglas R. Jones) wrote:
>>I am working on a R/C DH Tiger Moth that will be silver all over with RAF
>>markings. I am covering it with Coverite's 21st Century fabric and would
>>to do the same for the markings to avoid painting. Can anyone tell me if I
>>the light or dark red and blue fabric for the roundels and stripes? I am
>>inclined to go with dark but I haven't seen either and don't want to order 4
>>rolls when 2 will do.
>I looked at gorgeous Moth last Sunday. Yellow with metallic green and an
>olive green (I think) camo. Done in British markings. Roundels should be
>pretty dark so I would think you will be fine with the dark red and blue. I
>have used 21st Century fabric and paint and love 'em. Nice stuff.


but... A silver painted Tiger Moth represents a trainer built and
in use during the period BEFORE 1935. At this time the Tigers were painted
overall silver.
The Roundell colors at this time should be VERY similar to late WW1 RAF
roundell colors of a pure dark red, a bright ( light) blue, and of course
white. I can supply Methuen color references if you have a Methuen book.

After 1935 the Tiger were painted OVERALL in yellow and the roundells became
Strong darker blue and a Strong bright Red.

Around 1938-39 the Tigers were transition to the scheme that Doug saw with
camo upper surfaces, and Yellow undersides. The dividing line along the fuse
was just below the centerline.
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