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Douglas R. Jones (
Thu, 24 Aug 1995 16:28:11 -0500


????? This is a new one to me!

> but... A silver painted Tiger Moth represents a trainer built and
>in use during the period BEFORE 1935. At this time the Tigers were painted
>overall silver.
>The Roundell colors at this time should be VERY similar to late WW1 RAF
>roundell colors of a pure dark red, a bright ( light) blue, and of course
>white. I can supply Methuen color references if you have a Methuen book.

I am not an expert on Moths....this is beoming obvious!

>After 1935 the Tiger were painted OVERALL in yellow and the roundells became
>Strong darker blue and a Strong bright Red.
>Around 1938-39 the Tigers were transition to the scheme that Doug saw with
>camo upper surfaces, and Yellow undersides. The dividing line along the fuse
>was just below the centerline.

A little late for what Thayer wants. A very nice Moth never the less and a
scheme I would consider if I do a Moth! Sorry I wasn't much help, Thayer.
Thanks, Don for helping me get a better understanding of the Moths. I like
them and have considered doing one sometime in the future!


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