Fokker D VII data needed

Jess Stuart (
Thu, 24 Aug 1995 17:21:10 -0700 (PDT)

Im building a 1/48 scale DML kit. I wish to model the DVII of
Lt. Kraut of Jasta 4. The reference I have (Superscale Decal sheet 48-150)
indicates that the streaked green fuselage extends past the leading edge of the
lower wing to the forward wheel strut. The painting reference shows engine
panel detail extending along the bottom edge of the fuselage past the forward
wheel strut to the middle of the lower wing (like latter DVII's).
It seems to me that the streaked green would only extend to the linen
on the fuselage. Thus I wonder if the engine panel detail should be removed.
I understand that early DVII's had smaller side engine panels that only
extended to the forward wheel strut along the bottom edge. Thus it seems
plausible that this could be one of these earlier machines.
ANY help you all could give me would be tremendously appreciated 8^)

Thanks in advance 8^)

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