Re: Tiger Moth color choice

Thayer Syme (
25 Aug 1995 11:08:15 -0800

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Date: 8/24/95 2:37 PM
To: Thayer Syme

>Around 1938-39 the Tigers were transition to the scheme that Doug saw with
>camo upper surfaces, and Yellow undersides. The dividing line along the fuse
>was just below the centerline.

*A little late for what Thayer wants. A very nice Moth never the less
*and a scheme I would consider if I do a Moth!

This is a nice scheme as well, I just see it a lot and wanted something a little
different. Gordon Whitehead published his in these colors and I thought it
looked very nice. It does tend to want the anti-spin strakes though as they
followed soon after the camo and I really can't stand them. Might still do one
someday without the strakes. Some of the civilian schemes are nice as well. I
think I am going to paint markings after all, for a better match. I will be
doing more pictures of the prototype this weekend.

Thanks for all your input.