Re: Zenith Av. Books

Don Rinker (
Fri, 25 Aug 95 16:52 EDT

There was another really good deal in the sale books. Not WW1 but a deal all
the same. "schneider trophy racers " the complete history with lots of three
views, good photos, etc. Invaluable if you ever want to research one of the
racers of that period....
280 pages, hundreds of photos..... 7.49!!!!!!

On Fri, 25 Aug 1995, (Douglas R. Jones) wrote:
>>Numbers to call to order from Zenith Aviation Books:
>>US 1-800-826-6600
>>FAX 1-715-294-4448
>>Overseas 1-715-294-3345
>I just ordered the book. There was some hesitency as they had trouble
>finding it in the catalog. Be persistent. She found it in a catalog (paper)
>and it was listed at $14.95. After checking with someone else they agreed to
>sell it for the $4.95 I asked for. Now either the original poster goofed and
>it was REALLY $14.95 and I just got the best deal in town or it is really
>$4.95 and there was a special ord3er code/item number that was in the
>catalog that I didn't have. In either case it is on its way. Too bad
>shipping/handling was $4.50!
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