Re: Zenith Av. Books

Thayer Syme (
25 Aug 1995 14:42:11 -0800

Reply to: RE>>Zenith Av. Books
I ordered one as well today. I didn't have a catalog either and they tried to
bill me for $19.95. Finally the woman found it in the new catalog on the
special insert sheet at the middle of the catalog. It was $4.95

Date: 8/25/95 2:17 PM
To: Thayer Syme
>Numbers to call to order from Zenith Aviation Books:

I just ordered the book. There was some hesitency as they had trouble
finding it in the catalog. Be persistent. She found it in a catalog (paper)
and it was listed at $14.95. After checking with someone else they agreed to
sell it for the $4.95 I asked for. Now either the original poster goofed and
it was REALLY $14.95 and I just got the best deal in town or it is really
$4.95 and there was a special ord3er code/item number that was in the
catalog that I didn't have. In either case it is on its way. Too bad
shipping/handling was $4.50!