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> but... A silver painted Tiger Moth represents a trainer built and
>in use during the period BEFORE 1935. At this time the Tigers were painted
>overall silver.
>The Roundell colors at this time should be VERY similar to late WW1 RAF
>roundell colors of a pure dark red, a bright blue, and of course
>white. I can supply Methuen color references if you have a Methuen book.

>Not an intrusion at all, appreciated in fact. If you could pass on Methuen
>references it would be great. I am going to paint my markings and most
>will mix to match. I figure if the skin is accurate I will be more likely to
>finish detailing it nicely after the test flights.

Everything you always wanted to know about RAF roundels.... :-)

The three roundel colors used by the RAF from about March 1918
until about 1937 ( which covers the SILVER doped Tigers )

RED id RAF VR3 dope Methuen 10C8 10D8 10E8

BLUE RAF VB3 dope Methuen 19D6 20D6 20d7 21C7

WHITE RAF vW3 dope Methuen No ref ( WHite Oxide pigment)

Just for everyone elses FYI previous to this the blue dope used
on the roundels was similar when applied, but faded very quickly to
a pastel light blue.

After about 1938 the RAF roundels became must darker with the blue going to
almost blue-black, and the white being dispensed with on wing surfaces.
THe red bacmae darker somewhat like a dark boxcar red...........

I have the complete offical orders and data for colors and markings from
1938-1946 from a colleage at Hendon Museum along with actual paint chips
if anyone gets interested in WW2 RAF aircraft.......

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