Re: Nie. 28 Info Request

Don Rinker (
Sat, 26 Aug 95 14:09 EDT

On Sat, 26 Aug 1995, (Bob Pickwoad) wrote:

> 1. Colors of the serpent painted on the cowl/fueselage?
> 2. Rib stitching...proper spacing and placement, i.e., was there
>stitching to the false ribs and did the position/spacing of stitching vary
>front to aft/inboard to outboard?
> These are some questions that I have, after over a year of research into
>these aircraft, not been able to find any definitive answers to and would
>appreciate any help anyone may be able to provide. Thanks so much for any
>forthcoming help and advice.

Hi... Picked a tough one huh? I have some photos of the 28 you're modelling
, but never saw any specific references as to the colors. Appears to be white,
or some light color, and possibly two (or one) other color for the markings on
the snake.

After looking at the snake, it appears to be VERY similar to several or the
old Massachusetts "Don't Tread on me Designs" . Maybe something to that!?!

All main ribs were stiched. False ribs were not stiched. Every photo I have
seen of that period clear enough to show the knot patterns appears to be
uniform throughout.

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