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Mick Fauchon (
Mon, 28 Aug 1995 09:13:45 +1000 (EST)

Hi, guys [in the absence of any ladies having announced
themselves 80)],

Back to the EIII......

> there was no debate.

Is there one now? 80)

mick from oz said it was a rib short

Yes, he did, but he's about to modify that.......

and we
> (including myself) went home, checked and agreed. my plans were from a
> Scale Models International so should be by Ray Rimmel. i can't
> remember what scale mine were in but i will recheck with interest. it
> was spot on in other respects so i remember being surprised at an
> obvious omission.

Yes, the *drawings* are spot on in all other respects, and that
set me to wondering as well.....
So having got the drawings out again last night, I decided to check
the kit against the again.....and came up with some interesting results,
including the answer to the mystery; at long last!
Bear in mind that thesse are Ian Stair's drawings, and from memory
I scaled them up from 1:72, so the results will naturally apply to both
scales; I thought at first the kit may have been really an Ei or EII,
the wingspan of both of which was less than the EIII.
So what I decided to do was to compare the full-size dimensions
in scale against the scale in Ian Stair's drawings, which I did, and came
up with the following interesting results:
The wingspan of an EIII full-size was 9.52m, so I laid the wings
of the kit over the drawing and measured out the span, wing-tip to wing-tip,
*according to the drawing's scale*: this resulted in a span of 9.50m, a
discrepency of 2cm, or about 1" in 20", which for my purposes was as near
as dammit.
Then I measured the wingspan on the drawings by the same method:
the result was a span on the drawing of *10m*! In other words, the
*drawing* is about half a meter out, i.e. too wide, in the wingspan.
Therefore the kit is don't reduce the kit's wingspan [it's
a bitch of a job anyway], as the kit is correct.

Having said all that, I can now go to's Sunday night



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