Re: Introduction-Greg Springer

Jon Rettinger (
Mon, 28 Aug 1995 00:26:09 -0300

Welcome Greg,

I hope you find this group as friendly and helpful as I have.

At 02:42 PM 8/27/95 -0700, you wrote:

>I have recently subscribed to the WWI mailing list.
>I am a longtime modeler (38 of my 46 years). My first kit was the Aurora
>This formative experience led me to fixate on 1/48 scale. My preference is
>subjects with bold markings. I have a library of over 700 titles, plus
>periodicals and I am interested in putting it on a database. I would
>hearing from anyone with suggestions on how to accomplish this. I have
>Access. My guilty secret is that I also build WWII subjects.

I MS Access 2 as a database to hold references to planes, pilots,
armament, etc. I set my fields in the following manner:

Field Name Field Type Field Width
********** ********** ************
Name (or topic) Character 35
Model number Character 15
Manufacturer Character 25
Type (of plane or armament) Character 15
Color (Are the photos in color) Logical (Yes/No) 1
Era Character 10
Reference Character 25
Volume Character 10
Page Character 25
Comments Memo 256
Key Count

I find that with these fields, I can build simple queries to quickly find
*most* of the information that's on the database.

Hope this helps.