RE: Le Prieur Rocket Questions

Jon Rettinger (
Mon, 28 Aug 1995 00:54:51 -0300

At 01:11 PM 8/28/95 EDT, you wrote:
>You pleaded:
>> Woe is me 80(.
>> I don't have Vol. 10 of Windsock or the "Over the Front" issues that
>> suggested.
>> Are there any other kind souls out there that can help satisfy my
>> hunger of the operation of the Le Prieur rockets????
>Oh heck, I can't bear the ethereal sight of a fellow enthusiast in pain
>I brought the relevant issue to work with me on the off chance you'd want
>me to copy and post the article. (offer still stands BTW)


You are just tooo kind! Rest assured, a fellow enthusiast can
now sleep the whole night through. 80)

After reading your post, it left me with the same feeling I get when I
start eating peanuts, the more I get, the more I want. 80) I would love to
have a copy of that article if it's not too much trouble. I'll gladly
reimburse you for any costs incurred.

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