Re: Proctor Fokker E III

Thayer Syme (
28 Aug 1995 10:05:47 -0800

Reply to: RE>Proctor Fokker E III
Date: 8/28/95 9:22 AM
Wondering if anyone has some details or first hand impressions of Protor's new
Fokker monoplane kit.
Tally ho,
HEY!! HEY!! Just 'cause I "invested" in the Jenny and the Albatros doesn't mean
I buy them all!! :) (big sarcasm/joke/humour) ((of course if they had to
discontinue it as well... Who knows?))

I haven't seen it but am anxiously awaiting the offer to do a review of the kit
as well as the engine around which they designed it!!

Thayer Syme
San Francisco