Want to buy......

Mon, 28 Aug 1995 18:58:55 -0400

Hello good people,
You've all seen my disposal lists and I have to say most of it has found new
But now I must confess, it's NOT all for sale. I've kept my collection of
old Aurora kits
in Famous Fighters boxes. In fact I want to buy the 4 kits that I don't yet
So, I would trade or pay cash for;
1. Aurora 101-69 or 101-79 Famous Fighters Nieuport 11
2. Aurora 110-98 Famous Fighters DeHavilland Tiger Moth
C. Aurora 117-98 Famous Fighters Curtiss SBC-3 ( I have a complete one of
these in a Not Famous fighters box that I would trade plus some cash to
someone who wants to build this little beauty)
4. Aurora 126-198 Famous Fighters Gotha G.V

Thanks for your consideration, Mike at mcfranklin@aol.com