Re: Nie. 28 Info Request

Don Rinker (
Mon, 28 Aug 95 19:59 EDT

On Sun, 27 Aug 1995, (Bob Pickwoad) wrote:
>At 02:09 PM 8/26/95 EDT, wrote:

>>Thanks for the info, it really helps. If I can't get any further info on
>the snake colors I'll go with the Mass. design colors. As far as the cowl
>goes, I have documentation that describes the "star" that centers on the
>cowl as white.
> Any idea on the actual spacing of the stiching? I'm sort of guessing that
>it was ~4".

All the close up photos I have that show the knotting under the rib tapes
show it to be uniform spacing, and spaced about the width of on of the
outboard interplane struts at thier full thickness, not where they taper
down at the connection points.

BTW... the tapes are NOT pinked. Standard practice for Nieuport was to use
a sliced tape, and pull some threads out at the edges to fray it a bit.

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