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Paul Butler (
Tue, 29 Aug 1995 10:33:02 +1000

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Don Rinker ( wrote:

BTW... the tapes are NOT pinked. Standard practice for Nieuport was to use
a sliced tape, and pull a few threads out at the edges...

The issue of pinked tape has puzzled me for a while. How big where the
serrations?. The only tapes and shears I have seen had serrations in the order
of 4 to 6mm. ( I have seen them used on a Tigermoth but cannot recall if they
where much different in size than this).

If the WW1 pinked tape had similar sized serrations, then they would be very
small on a model, say 1mm or less on a 1/6th scale model. Cutting 1mm serrations
in cloth would be difficult. You would probably have to resort to paper or film
to keep the edges clean. If the serrations where indeed smaller on the fullsize
then perhaps carefully frayed tapes might look better on a model of 1/6 or less.

Understating such details is a bit like greying your colours to simulate
"atmosphere" between the viewer and the model. Prominant small details can
produce an unrealistic look in my view.

Comments anyone?

Paul Butler